Hijab friendly accesories: Ith-nain collection from ISLAMICGEMS

13 Oct

ISLAMICGEMS was founded in the year 2003 by self taught hijab jewellery designer Nida Mirza. The lack of variety in accessories for hijabs led her to create some unique pins and brooches for herself and her friends and in turn her creations became rather popular and very much in demand which resulted in the making of the E-boutique IslamicGems.com in 2008. ISLAMICGEMS is currently based in New York , USA and has released four collections of hijab accessories namely, brooches, stick pins, charmsets and Ith-nains.

Ith-nain pins are sturdy and unique and provide twice the support to your hijab without having to use many pins.Pins from the Ith-nain collection (which means the number 2 in Arabic) consists of dual pins attached together. There is a small pin and a large brooch pin in each ith-nain set. Take a look at some of the pieces for yourself:

Ith-nain I

Ith-nain II

Ith-nain III

Ith-nain IV

Ith-nain V


Ith-nain VI


Message from the designer, Nida Mirza :

“Being able to host a show yearly at the ICNA-MAS Convention is a blessing where i get to meet some of ISLAMICGEMS great fans. Each year I look forward to having my pieces up for display and purchase. I get to speak to these fans personally on what each piece of ISLAMICGEMS jewelry can do for them; and at the same time hear them out on their needs. I created the Ith-nain collection after these amazing fans spoke to me about the need for functional high fashion hijab jewelry. I made sure to create a line which would encompass beauty, elegance and still be able to fulfill the practical needs of the Muslimah. ISLAMICGEMS first prototype the Ith-nain Pin was a huge success. Our fans were able to not only experience the amazing support these pins provided in holding your scarf in place, but they also got to experience the beauty and high quality of these pins. Finally they had a solution which didn’t encompass using multiple pins on their scarf, but one sophisticated piece of jewelry. Thank you to all of ISLAMICGEMS fans who helped me create this collection.”


All these pins are also available in a variety of colours, please visit their website here or their facebook page here for more details.

What do you think of these exquisite pieces? Would you accessorize your hijabs with these pins and brooches?



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