Monday, 14 May 2012

Review: Islamic Gems

Islamic Gems is an American based company run by sister Nida, which was established in 2003, and mashaAllah has been running online since 2008. It specialises in "Hijab Jewelry", (love how that sounds), which are a selection of pins, brooches and ith-nain pieces.

I've been sent two of their pieces from the new Summer 2012 collection to review, which I was so excited to receive!

First thoughts, the website is beautiful and ever so professional mashaAllah. I was extremely extremely impressed. Sister Nida's passion for her designs really shows through the site! Some of the pieces on the site I've fallen in love with!
Sister Nida herself, is ever so lovely mashaAllah to work with, ever so sweet, very friendly and extremely accommodating to customer's requests. I sincerely recommend anyone to do business with her. She was kind enough to send me preview pictures of what she would be sending me, so that I could have a sneak peek at her fabulous new collection. Delivery from the US came surprisingly early, about 5 working days!

Each piece came wrapped in  its own little velvet pouch, adding to the luxurious feel of Islamic Gems whole experience. It also came with a cute little flier, and a very classy jewellery care card! Loving the little touches here!

This first piece is the beautiful "Ith-nain X" piece. It's made up of two brooches which are joined by three delicate chains. You attach it to your hijab via the pins at the back which are designed so you don't have to look in the mirror to figure out how they close, so it's incredibly easy to wear and to take off with no fuss. This actually means that those of us who are in a hurry to get ready, can still accessorise our hijabs with this piece in about 10 seconds..brilliant!  What's great about the ith-nain is that it can be worn in so many different ways, so every time you wear it, it will look different. In one of the pictures below, I've worn it to secure my hijab to my top.
The pin is designed to be light enough to not depress the side of the hijab you wear it on, which heavy pieces can do, and I can say that it is indeed very light! (Especially when you look at the picture and think it will be heavy). Although, I don't think it's light enough to wear on a very delicate hijab which may snag at anything that has a little bit of weight. But it is more than light enough for your standard hijab materials, which is brilliant, and definitely something that sets Islamic Gems apart from other pins like these I have seen in stores. I'll let the pictures do the talking here to show how beautiful it looks on!
One thing I did feel though, was the stone in the middle was perhaps slightly cloudier than I would expect from a high quality piece, at this price, but it's a minor detail which may have just been apparent on the one I was sent!

The next piece Islamic Gems sent me was the "Dainty Bloom" stick pin in a lavender colour. It has gems of varying purple shades, mixed with diamantes, which dangle off your hijab. Really cute for the upcoming summer season, and I think would look really sweet on younger hijab wearers! The pin itself is a sturdy, thick pin, which you can be sure won't bend or break, which is a plus. But for this reason, I wouldn't recommend wearing it with your delicate hijabs, which can get holes in them from just your standard hijab pins. But with standard everyday hijabs, it would be perfect.

All in all, a fantastic company, which I do highly recommend, if anyone is looking for more glamorous accessories for their hijabs (or tops), or to give as a gift to a loved one.
Definitely check out Islamic Gems on the website and on their Facebook PageThere are some absolutely stunning new pieces in the Summer 2012 collection, which will be launching in the first week of June, and you can see sneak previews of the collection on the Facebook page!  


themaryfairy said...

Salaam sis! (^__^) These pins look lovely, mashAllah! I love seeing our fellow sisters' businesses thrive hehe. :)