September 15, 2011

Product Review - Islamic Gems

Islamic Gems is an American based online boutique that sells unique, classic looking hijab jewellery and accessories. I was sent a piece from their Ithnain collection to review - the Ithanin I Royal Blue. It retails for $42 USD, but is currently on sale for $18.99.

First off - I don't usually fuss over packaging because it's gonna end up in the bin anyway, but I thought their little jewellery card was so cute. I guess it's the colour scheme - does it remind you of a certain someone's blog? This is where you point to me.

I have quite a few vintage brooches (actual vintage - not two dollar cheapness made in China circa 2004) that I stole borrowed from my mum and haven't bothered to return. I love brooches because they really do add a certain charm and sophistication to an otherwise plain hijab. I don't wear them with patterned hijabs because that creates too much going on at the one place. 

This one is cool because because of the hanging chain, which allows you to cover a lot more space than a one-piece brooch would. I think it is very elegant. An important feature of this design is that the chain is long, because I have never seen the point in hijab charms with a tiny little chain that goes nowhere. The metal used in this piece is strong, not at all flimsy and won't break apart easily. The stones are also glued in well and don't budge no matter how hard I try with my fingers. (I hate when I buy jewellery of any kind and the stones fall out a few days later.) Overall, the pin is very strong and secure and very well made.

The pin itself isn't as heavy as I thought it would be just by looking at it which is good because anything heavy, dangling off the side of your head is only going to drag your scarf down with it and annoy you all day, making you rearrange things back into place (I tend to go nuts and snap when that happens - the constant tugging gets annoying). It is also very secure thanks to the slide in pin hold. I'm happy it didn't come with the usual wind in clasp because those things always do my head in. No fumbling! Love it.

What do you think of the pin? Do you wear hijab jewellery?


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Salam, that brooch is soo beautiful, i love old vintage pieces and this is just gawjus and not over the top...looked so elegant on the black hijab u were wearing mashallah without looking like ure a try hard if u know wot i mean.

Madeeha said... Best Blogger Tips

wow i really, really like it mashaAllaah! And it looks perfect with your description of the longer chain and everything. i wish these stuff were available around here! :(

washi said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Miz H, thanks again for selecting me as the lucky recipient of the giveaway!! I received my gift from Islamic Gems yesterday and already wearing my brooch to work's great...hope to send some pics your way iA

Mona Z said... Best Blogger Tips

How did I miss this post? That blue is so pretty. You know I haven't tried doing this but I might give it a go with a smallish broach.

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